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Food Pantry

In the Beginning


Normantown Historical Community Center LLC

Food Pantry

       The Normantown Historical Community Center pantry started in 2017. The initial food was purchased from Mountaineer Food Bank. It was less than $140.00. In the first session of the food pantry we had 11 people who became clients. The amount of food we had to give was very minimal.

        After a period of 3 months we met with Mountaineer Food’s management to try and get the USDA food allotment. We were successful in getting the USDA food. At the same time we applied for the Senior food boxes. We were also successful in getting those boxes. Our initial request was for 25 boxes. We had 11 seniors apply for the first offering of boxes. This has since grown from 11 to now 33 and 2 more which we could not furnish. Those 2 were put on a waiting list as will any new requests will be. Hopefully the waiting list will be taken care of. West Virginia was given 2500 boxes per month and they are at that maximum. 

          Our waiting lines are from the Pantry door to the parking lot at the entrance to the High School building. We are giving enough food to make it too much for the elderly clients to manage. We are trying to provide help to the clients to get the food from the pantry to their vehicles but volunteers are scarce.

Service dates: The current Food Pantry is held on the SECOND Friday of each month with the exception of September 2018 and December 2018 when it will be held on the FIRST Friday. All Pantry food days coincide with the delivery of food by Mountaineer Food Bank.